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An Educational Theme Park


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Respected Visitors,

The world is moving fast,population increasing and competition strengthening.Lack of open space is our biggest concern.We keep on moving away from nature and forget the root cause of our existence,LIFE.Our life is only because of nature. Nature does not mean just plants,bushes and trees.Nature means universe,which consist of five elements"THE PANCH MAHA BHUTA"

AKASH-the space

JAL-the water

AGNI-the fire

PRITHVI-the earth

VAYU-the air

We can not dare to imagine our existence (life),without these basic five elements.Mankind has used its brain and made use of the five elements for his growth, development and prosperity.But whatever man does,he can not conqure"Mother Nature".

We owe everthing to nature,from our first breath to our last demise.This nature is a gift to us by the Almighty Force. 

No one can explain it but everyone can experience it.

So let’s feel the experience. Let’s spend a day in the lap of Mother Nature.



An Educational Theme Park

Vishnubaug is situated at the foothills of MATHERAN, on the bank of Ulhas River at Badlapur.